В рамках научного семинара «Интеллектуальный театр» (организатор РУДН имени Патриса Лумумбы, Центра исследования философии и культуры Индии «Пурушоттама») выступил профессор колледжа Ананд доктор Правин Агарвал.

Title: Study of Fractional Operators

Presenter: Praveen Agarwal
Department of Mathematics
Anand International College of Engineering, India

Abstract:Fractional calculus involving hypergeometric functions (specialfunctions) have significant importance and applications in various fields of
science and engineering. Here, we aim to discuss:

  • Introduction of Fractional Calculus
  • Study of extensions and generalization of hypergeometric functions
  • Extended fractional derivative operators and their applications
  • Applications of fractional operators in interdisciplinary areas