On July 1, 2022 in the building of the IOM RAS (St. Petersburg) was held the introductory meeting of the joint scientific seminar “Philosophical Indology” (PFUR, IOM RAS), dedicated to “The teaching of cosmic cycles in Buddhism and Brahmanism”. The seminar was attended by Dr. R.V. Pskhu on the part of the Center for the Study of Indian Philosophy and Culture “Purushottama” (PFUR), as well as a group of trainee researchers of the Center E.R. Kravtsova, P.M. Sviridova, E.K. Karpitskaya, P.S. Anuchin; from the side of the Department of Central and South Asia of the IOM RAS Dr, E.P. Ostrovskaya, Burmistrov and T.V. Ermakova. The speeches were made by: Elena Ostrovskaya (Ph.D., professor, chief researcher of the Department of Central and South Asia at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences, specialist in the history of philosophy of ancient and early medieval India). The Teaching about Cosmic Cycles in Buddhism. Ruzana Pskhu (Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of History of Philosophy, Chief Researcher at  the Centre for Philosophical and Cultural Studies of India, Purushottama, PFUR) To the Question of the Role of Cosmogony in the Pancharatra (on the Example of “Padma-Samhita”).