From 22 to 28 November 2022, Patrice Lumumba Russian Peoples’ Friendship University, the Research Laboratory “Centre for the Study of Indian Philosophy and Culture “Purushottama” and Anand International College of Engineering, Jaipur, India,will hold the First Annual International Conference in Memory of Vsevolod Sementsov “Philosophical Sanskrit texts: problems of reading and interpretation”.

The conference is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Russian philosopher Vsevolod Sementsov (02.07.1941 – 12.01.1986), one of the leading Russian experts in the field of classical Indian philosophy. Vsevolod S. was a teacher of Sanskrit for a number of prominent Russian Orientalists and specialists in Indian philosophy, in particular V. K. Shokhin and V. G. Lysenko.

The scholarship of V.S. Sementsov is known to a wide circle of readers as the author of an unsurpassed translation from Sanskrit to Russian of the outstanding monument of Indian religious literature – the Bhagavadgita. The study of this monument still amazes with its relevance, depth of thought and talented insightful description of the most important fragments of the text.


More information on the conference can be found on the conference website