Within the framework of the scientific seminar “Philosophical Indology” devoted to the study of the history of Indian philosophy the Center for the Study of Indian Philosophy and Culture “Purushottama” (Patrice Lumumba  PFUR) and the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences invite on 30 September 2022 (Friday, 15.00, IWR RAS, St. Petersburg) to a full-time meeting of the seminar dedicated to the religious hermeneutics of Gerhard Oberhammer


– Paribok Andrey (Candidate of Philological Sciences, senior researcher at The Center for the Study of Philosophy and Culture of India “Purushottama” Patrice Lumumba PFUR), Features of conceptual work with yogic texts.

– Evgenia Desnitskaya (Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor at the Department of Central and South Asia, specialist in the history of philosophy of ancient and early medieval India), Oberhammer on the Soteriological Paths of Sankhya and Yoga

– Ludmila Kryshtop (Ph.D. in Philosophy, Professor, Faculty of History of Philosophy, leading researcher at the Center for the Study of Philosophy and Culture of India. The Notion of Communio in the Religious Hermeneutics of G. Oberhammer and the Doctrine of the Eucharist.

– Ivan Lapshin (Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Ethics, Patrice Lumumba PFUR), Transcendental Hermeneutics through the Eyes of Analytical Philosophers.

– Roman Liliya (Postgraduate student, Faculty of History of Philosophy, Patrice Lumumba University of Peoples Friendship, intern-researcher, Center for Philosophy and Culture Studies of India “Purushottama”, PFUR), Russian Studies in Oberhammer Hermeneutics. – Pskhu Ruzana (Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of History of Philosophy, Chief Researcher, Center for Philosophical and Cultural Studies of India, Purushottama, PFUR). Transcendental Hermeneutics as a Method or Why Oberhammer.