From June 19 to June 22, 2023, the staff of the Center for the Study of Philosophy and Culture of India “Purushottama” of the Peoples’ Friendship University named after. Patrice Lumumba Prof., Ph.D. R.V. Pskhu and senior researcher, Ph.D. A.V. Paribok took part in the status of invited delegates in an international conference dedicated to the global future of universities, entitled “The Future of Universities: How to make the world a better place to live. The transformative role of universities”. The conference was held in Pune (Indian state of Maharashtra), rightly called “Indian Oxford”, within the framework of the year of the chairmanship of the Republic of India in the G-20, on the basis of the prestigious Symbiosis International University. The conference was held in several thematic sections, in which representatives of both the G-20 countries, in particular the UK, India (delegates from a number of Indian universities), Argentina, Australia, the USA, South Africa, and many other countries made presentations.

At the end of the conference, on the initiative of R.V. Pskhu on June 22, 2023, working meetings were organized with important Indological centers in Pune.

As a result of this trip:

  • Communications were established and verbal agreements were reached for further contacts and continued interaction with representatives of a number of countries, for example, with the South African organization Universities South Africa, which unites 6 universities in South Africa, with representatives of Argentinean and Indian educational institutions.
  • A special achievement of the delegation was the establishment of scientific contacts with three major centers of Sanskritology, Buddhology and Indian philosophy, one of which, namely the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, is the largest Indological center in the world in terms of scientific significance for the study of Indian textual heritage. This center houses the largest collection of Indian manuscripts in the field of Indian philosophy, religion and culture, as well as a thematic library with more than 100,000 volumes (even the Sanskrit center in historical Varanasi is inferior to this institution).
  • An agreement was reached to hold scientific events both in Russia and in India. Plans have been outlined for the joint translation of a number of works; the issue of the possibility of involving Indian scientists in the educational process of young employees of the Purushottama center, students and graduate students was also discussed. A number of Indian scientists have already expressed their willingness to personally participate in the activities of the center.
  • Contacts have been established with two departments (departments) of the University of Pune, specializing in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali and Buddhism.
  • The delegates took part in a meeting with Indian RUDN University graduates of previous years.