From July 10 – 15, 2023, the Center for the Study of Philosophy and Culture of India “Purushottama” RUDN University. Patrice Lumumba holds a conference with international participation “METHODOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF NON-EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCES AND PHILOSOPHY”.

The conference is intended to contribute to overcoming spontaneity and is dedicated specifically to methodological approaches in philosophy and in such sciences and humanities in which experiment either does not take place at all or is marginal, that is, dealing primarily with texts and producing texts in natural and symbolic languages: these are textual criticism, the history of philosophy, philology (primarily in oriental studies), a number of areas of linguistics, translation studies, as well as mathematics and logic. A separate topic for discussion is the development of programs and problems of digital Indology. Within the framework of the conference, a meeting of the scientific seminar of the Purushottama Center will also be held.