The direction of scientific research of the laboratory is carried out on the theme “Developing a methodology and a new generation of intellectual basis for the study of Indian philosophy in its relation to other leading philosophical traditions of Eurasia.”

The main goal of the project implemented in the laboratory is to develop frameworks (conceptions) and new methodological approaches which make possible for a new vision of Indian philosophy. Other pivotal point represented in our laboratory is the ability to revise mainstream Indian philosophical conceptions in accordance with modern times, as well as identification of their intellectual relevance to priority philosophical traditions.

Scientific research of the laboratory is aimed at creating an innovative methodology of studying a tremendous quantity of source materials in the field of Indian philosophy with following comparison of fundamental philosophical traditions.

Main tasks, which are to be accomplished in the laboratory:

1. Translation of mainstream contemporary research of Indian philosophy into Russian language.

2. Translation of core classical texts of Indian philosophy from Sanskrit, Pali and Tamil into Russian

3. Revision, development and testing of a plethora of methodologies considering Indian philosophy.

4. Comparative studies of basic culture sectors.

5. Analysis of effects of Indian philosophy on development of philosophical terminology in Russian language.

6. Appraisal of results of the researches in lections and seminars on themes of Indian philosophy and other connected disciplines (history of Indian philosophy, history of Indian logic, literary studies, history of Indian religions, Sanskrit and Tamil languages, methods of Indian yoga, history of Buddhism, etc.)