March 15, 2023 at the Center “Purushottama” held a meeting of the section “Cognitive strategies of the […]
Presentation of the “Purushottama” Center for the Studies of Indian Philosophy and Culture at Patrice Lumumba PFUR. […]
            Within the framework of the scientific seminar “Intellectual Theater” devoted to the problems of translation and […]
On November 16, a report on “Secular and Spiritual in Ismailism” was presented at a scientific seminar. […]
As part of the “Philosophical Indology” seminar dedicated to the study of the history of Indian philosophy, […]
The theme of the seminar: Hymnography of Vedanta. Main speaker: Burmistrov Sergey (Ph.D. in, chief researcher of […]
Anand College Professor Dr. Praveen Agarwal spoke at a scientific seminar on “Intellectual Theater” (organized by the […]
The Faculty of Hisory of Philosophy of the Patrice Lumumba PFUR and the Scientific Laboratory “Center for […]